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A few things about me

My yoga journey started in 2016 when after a difficult period in my life I found myself in a yoga class. Gradually, yoga gave me back a sense of purpose and something to look forward to as I became more confident in my own skin and started to believe in my capabilities. Soon I started sharing my passion with people around me and I felt the calling to start teaching. In 2019 I completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course which enabled me to deepen my knowledge and start sharing my love for yoga as a certified teacher.

Yoga was the catalyst that helped me overcome that dark time period in my life as I got to experience my evolution physically, mentally and emotionally. That's why teaching others is so crucial to me since I know by experience the transformational impact it can have on someone's life. I feel honored each time someone decides to practice with me and I get to witness their growth on and off the mat. So, are you ready to start your own journey?


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Becoming a Creator

In 2019 I decided to share my yoga evolution on Instagram. Little did I know back then that so many people would follow my journey and connect with me. As an introvert and shy person it was difficult for me to be exposed on social media but the love and support from my audience gave me the courage to get out of my shell and keep going. With people's encouragement, I decided to endeavor on other platforms like TikTok and YouTube and seek new challenges.

I take my own photos and videos and with time I've enriched my knowledge in photography, angles and lighting. I enjoy the creative process and I love experimenting with different artistical gateways with the intention of providing inspiration and value to others.

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